Automated Lockers for the Automobile Industry

Improve customer experience, eliminate wait times, and boost security with automated access to keys and spare parts.

Whether you’re in sales, rentals, or repairs, automated lockers can help streamline your business, putting you ahead of the competition. 

By allowing easy, secure access to anything from keys to wheel nuts, automated lockers can help your staff work more efficiently and your customers benefit from a better service.

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Secure smart lockers
Multiple configurations
Modular set up
Pin pad or QR code compliant
Integrated webcam if needed
Powder-coated finish

For Car Rentals

People hate waiting, and one of the most important goals for car rental services is to ensure people get their cars quickly and can get on with their day.

When you have a limited number of staff this can be difficult though, and can often lead to people waiting in line to pick up their car. With automated lockers, you can automate a large part of this process though, allowing people to sign documents and pick up and drop off keys securely. 

This takes some of the burden off your staff members, speeding up the process and allowing them to get on with the jobs that require a human touch. 


For Sales 

When you’ve got lots of cars to sell, keeping the keys safe and organised can be a tricky business. Lots of people need access to one set of keys in order for people to take a test drive and ultimately drive away with the car, and this can lead to inefficiency and compromised safety. 

Automated lockers take much of the hassle out of key storage, allowing you to keep your keys organised and allow access to those people who need it. There’s no hunting through lots of different keys to find the one you need, you simply put a code into the automated locker and grab the key for the car you want to show the customer.


For Repairs and Parts

Automated lockers make it easy for your customers to drop off their cars for services and repairs as well as pick up any parts they might need. 

Your staff are busy, and when automated lockers are taking care of the check-in process for them, then they can get on with what they do best which is fixing cars and getting your customers back on the road as quickly as possible. 

The system is easy to run, and the best part is it works 24/7 without asking to be paid, meaning you quickly earn your investment back.


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Smart Lockers + SDK

Meridian’s mBOX provides secure, kiosk-managed storage to simplify product pickup for unattended equipment rentals, device charging, package drop off and retrieval and much more.

  • Increase Order Capacity
  • Decrease Store Congestion
  • Increase Customer Base
  • Reduce Overhead
  • Package Drop Off/Collection
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