Automated Lockers for Healthcare

Combine convenience with security to reduce wait times and improve service

Offer secure and smart automated lockers for a range of applications in the healthcare sector, assisting both patients and staff.

With options for self-service collection of prescriptions or other healthcare rental devices (such as blood pressure monitors and physio equipment), you can relieve the burden on staff and allow out-of-hours pickup for busy patients.


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Secure smart lockers
Multiple configurations
Modular set up
Pin pad or QR code compliant
Integrated webcam if needed
Powder-coated finish

Out of Hours Pickup 

Having to regularly top up a prescription can be a hassle for busy people. They’ve got to come into the pharmacy during working hours and wait in line to have their prescription refilled. With an automated locker, much of the hassle is taken out of picking up a prescription. 


Patients can order online and collect their prescription from the locker using a unique code. This allows people to safely collect prescriptions out of hours, making it a much easier process. 


Reduce Waiting Times 

Every person who clicks and collects using an automated locker is another person who isn’t waiting in line. Whether it’s collecting a prescription, or picking up some equipment, this means staff and patients spend less time waiting, freeing them up to get on with other things. 


With automated lockers conveniently located around a hospital, staff and patients have valuable access to equipment and prescriptions, without having to go wait in line for customer service.


A Secure System

Automated lockers can safely store important items, allowing access only to the correct people. With the ability to integrate facial recognition technology and other safeguarding processes such as credit card verification, automated lockers ensure only authorised people can access each locker. 


You don’t have to pay a machine, which means it’s working for you 24/7 allowing staff and patients to securely access vital supplies. 


A Sanitary Solution 

Automated lockers limit human to human contact, helping to make your store a safe, sanitary space. 


An automated lockers can be fitted with hygienic technology such as UVC devices and antimicrobial screen protectors to keep customers and staff safe. Stopping virus spread is vital in a hospital setting, and automatic lockers can help do this. 


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Smart Lockers + SDK

Meridian’s mBOX provides secure, kiosk-managed storage to simplify product pickup for unattended equipment rentals, device charging, package drop off and retrieval and much more.

  • Increase Order Capacity
  • Decrease Store Congestion
  • Increase Customer Base
  • Reduce Overhead
  • Package Drop Off/Collection
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