Automated Lockers for Retail

Allow customers to order online and pick up in-store at their own convenience

Automated lockers give your customers another option, making your online store more appealing, and boosting conversion rates. Once an order is placed, the items are simply picked by a staff member and placed into the lockers, ready for the customer to collect at their convenience. 

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Secure smart lockers
Multiple configurations
Indoor & Outdoor Lockers
Modular set up
Pin pad or QR code compliant
Integrated webcam if needed
Powder-coated finish

Give Your Customers Flexibility 


What if you had the best of both worlds? You don’t have to go into a busy shop to find what you’re looking for and you don’t have to wait for your item to be delivered in the post. Automated lockers offer customers this reality and provide an appealing alternative for their shopping experience. 


People who are out of the house all day because of work can order online and collect from the store without having to wait in line or speak to customer services. They can even collect their items out of hours by using their unique pin or QR code. 


Reduce Waiting Times 

Your store wants to limit queuing as much as possible, and automated lockers allow you to take a large number of people out of those queues. 


Rather than having to come into the store to pick up an item, where they might have to wait in line to checkout, a customer can order online and pick up their item without having to go into the store or checkout. They simply put their code into the kiosk and take their item from the corresponding locker. 


Have More Control Over Your Resources

Automated lockers free up your staff to take care of other tasks that require a human touch. By removing the need for a customer service representative to hand over an order that person can be reassigned to other tasks. 


You don’t have to pay a machine, which means it’s working for you 24/7 and allowing your staff to get on with other important tasks. 


A Sanitary Solution 

Automated lockers limit human to human contact, helping to make your store a safe, sanitary space. 


Automated lockers can be fitted with hygienic technology such as UVC devices and antimicrobial screen protectors to keep customers and staff safe. This can give people the extra reassurance they need to start shopping again. 


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Smart Lockers + SDK

Meridian’s mBOX provides secure, kiosk-managed storage to simplify product pickup for unattended equipment rentals, device charging, package drop off and retrieval and much more.

  • Increase Order Capacity
  • Decrease Store Congestion
  • Increase Customer Base
  • Reduce Overhead
  • Package Drop Off/Collection
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