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Interactive Self-Service solutions for all industries

Engage and connect with customers and prospects and display revenue-generating advertising with clear and intuitive digital signage, powered by our bespoke InterAct software. Our interactive kiosks can be managed and updated from remote locations and are perfectly suited to a wide range of sectors and industries.


Targeted and interactive displays
Remote updates
Multi-language support
Print information on demand
Limitless product information
Streamlined customer service

Industry Use Cases

Leisure & Tourism

Streamline customer service processes by displaying scheduled key check in, check out or event information at different times and on certain days. Promote offers and local events whilst freeing up customer service teams for complex enquiries.

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Food Services

Display the latest geographically-targeted promotions and deals and full animated menu details, ensuring customers have access to key, up-to-date information. Interactive digital signage will boost sales revenue and relieve employee burden.

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Allow customers to look up key concert, theatre and event information and display targeted advertising with sleek interactive digital signage. Boost sales for future events with commanding animated and video-based advertising.

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Boost sales revenue and enhance the in store experience with interactive advertising with the latest product information, offers and branding. Connect the e-commerce and bricks and mortar stores with compelling information on the full product range.

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Simplify interactions and relieve the burden on staff by allowing service users and visitors to look up key information, scan documentation and registers attendance at events. Interactive digital signage reduces queuing time and relieves the burden on employees of repetitive information-based tasks.

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Streamline the appointment check in process and display key clinic information and healthcare advice. Allow patients to track wellness indicators and staff to update and check medical records before and after appointments.

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Enhance the customer experience and boost revenue with targeted, timely information and advertising, as well as the ability to look up extensive and detailed product and service information on a self-service basis. 

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