From Conception to Completion

Custom Design

Because we own the entire manufacturing process, Meridian is able to deliver almost limitless customisation options for your self-service technology. Our custom solutions help businesses around the world engage customers, reduce costs, boost sales and extend their brand reach.


The Meridian approach to custom self-service kiosk design is totally collaborative. You know your industry inside out so our technical and engineering teams work with you as partners to develop strategic and logical solutions that perfectly suit your requirements.


Years of self-service solution development experience and a Design Thinking approach ensure Meridian delivers products that will help you address key market needs. Conceptual designs are produced for approval before our industrial designers draw up realistic renders and drawing to ensure you can visualise the end product.


Our team of experienced engineers then take the final approved concept and work to create a fully-functional and 3D CAD model with incredible detail, including every weld, screw, bracket and component in the entire unit.


Our ISO 9001:2015 certified end-to-end manufacturing process takes place at the Meridian global headquarters in North Carolina, where our expert teams work to construct your self-service solution. Powder coating, branding and quality control ensure a custom design to your exact specification.


We don’t finish working with you when your custom solution is ready for delivery. Meridian offers expert guidance for our clients to help build a strategic action plan for their self-service kiosk deployment.

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