mBOX Lockers Lite

Indoor & Outdoor Lockers

mBOX Lite is a local board-operated locker system, providing simple and seamless user experience.

Utilising the board and scanner for programming and interactions, the operator assigns a locker by scanning a barcode or entering an order number, and either places the order inside the locker, schedules a drop-off, or assigns the number to that individual for long term use of the locker box. The customer then scans their barcode or enters their number upon arriving at the mBOX, prompting the assigned locker to automatically open. 

Administrators can utilise specific administrator codes to access lockers, reset locker codes and service the unit.

Display Options 8" LCD touch screen

Enclosure Benefits

Durable Steel Enclosure
Easy Open Lockers
Tamper Resistant Locks
Modular, Future proof Design
Proximity Sensor
Optical 1D/2D Scanner

mBox Lockers

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