mBOX Lockers Plus

Indoor & Outdoor Lockers

mBOX Plus is a computer-operated locker system with full remote administrative functionality.

Designed to integrate with back-office systems and hundreds of different components, including input devices, proximity sensors, scanners, payment terminals, printers, and more, mBOX Plus provides a complete package pick-up and drop-off solution.

Flexible in nature from both a hardware and software perspective, operators can utilise Meridian’s Locker Software Development Kit (SDK) to create and customise their own software application. The Software Development Kit can also integrate with Meridian’s MzeroManage remote management software to allow operators to monitor and manage multiple kiosks in remote locations.

Display Options 15" Touch Screen.
Additional size available

Enclosure Benefits

EMV2 Payment Terminal
Proximity Sensor
IP65 Rugged Keyboard
Optical 1D/2D Scanner
Thermal Receipt Printer
Easy Open Lockers
Tamper Resistant Locks
Durable Steel Enclosure

Customise Our Product Range

As an end-to-end kiosk provider, Meridian designs, engineers and manufactures all of our self-service solutions under one roof. By owning the entire process, we are able to customise our kiosk models to best fit our client’s needs.
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