Meridian’s remote management software, MzeroManage, is designed to manage multiple kiosks from remote locations.

The remote management tool allows businesses to remotely access their kiosks to monitor health, customise alerts and run diagnostic reports and analytics.


Monitor Health MzeroManage monitors the health of the kiosk operating system and software, along with accompanying hardware, in real time. Deployers can be notified by either email or text message if the physical unit or software has been accessed inappropriately.
Remote Access MzeroManage allows kiosk and digital signage content to be accessed by non-technical users. Content can be changed from any computer connected to the Internet. Remote access allows kiosk deployers to automatically schedule and change content based on current needs.
Custom Alarms MzeroManage allows deployers to customize the severity of each alarm and to determine who an alert should go to. For example, if it’s a tamper alarm, the alert can be sent to maintenance, but if it’s a software alert it will be sent to IT.
Multi-User Access With MzeroManage, the software platform will be able to support multi-permission level access. Multi-user access can be used for alerts, security updates and pushing new content to the kiosk or digital signage.
Analytics MzeroManage offers measurable ROI with the ability to pull logs, diagnostics and usage information reports from the kiosk and digital signage. MzeroManage provides information including the number of users who interact with the system, where and what the user interacted with, viewed, or touched, and the duration of their interaction.


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