MzeroPay Software

MzeroPay is a robust software development kit that allows for rapid development of custom transactional applications for payment kiosks.

Built on the secure MzeroPlatform, Meridian’s industry-leading software solution which provides system performance management, system security, and a wide range of component support, MzeroPay provides the framework for rapid development of transactional applications to make payments, pay for a service, or pay for an item to dispense from a self-service kiosk.

Designed for self-service payment applications of all kinds, from tuition payment to ticketing and bill collection, MzeroPay offers numerous payment options—including all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, checks, money orders, and multiple cash and coin configurations. It can also integrate with a variety of devices to accept these payments—from pin pads to printers, card encoders, and bill and coin acceptors and recyclers.

Every MzeroPay license offers a secure transactional solution and comes with a variety of reporting, security, and servicing features for employees and armored carriers. MzeroPay reports, which include transaction and usage statistics, cash stock level alerts, credit card and cash payment reports, device state of health, and access reports help deployers keep eyes on their payment kiosks—even from remote locations—while servicing modules allow individual logins to be provided to all employees and armoured carriers that would be accessing or servicing the kiosks.


Flexible Pay Options
Component Intergration
Secure Payments
Custom Analytic Report


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