Meridian’s MzeroPlatform serves as the foundation all of Meridian’s software
solutions are built on.

As a standalone product, MzeroPlatform functions as a secure kiosk browser, allowing companies to deploy web-based kiosks
with web applications and URL whitelisting and blacklisting.


Secure Brower MzeroPlatform secures the kiosk’s Windows operating system, and promotes user interaction by displaying responsive 
securely and easily.
Safe Searching MzeroPlatform enables owners to create a specific list of web pages or URLs users are allowed to view, or create a list of URLs users are specifically denied.
Attract Loop MzeroPlatform’s attract loop feature creates a revenue-generating ad space by displaying interactive or non-interactive advertisements on the kiosk.
Management Portal With MzeroPlatform, remote administrators can access, specify, and deploy changes on kiosks on a Windows, Apple, or Android operating system via secured access.
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