Innovating the customer journey

Transactional customer self-service kiosks

Improve the customer experience, shorten wait and queue times, reduce employee burden and boost sales with transactional self-service kiosks, suited to a wide range of industries including leisure, hospitality, tourism, food and drink, retail, healthcare, automotive and local authority or government.


Pin pads for self-service interaction
Card encoders for secure transactions
Note and coin input and dispensing
QR and barcode scanners

Industry Use Cases

Leisure & Tourism

Offer self-service hotel room check in, bill payment and check out, event or attraction ticket purchase and travel ticket purchase and collection.

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Food Services

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce wait times by enabling rapid, self-service ordering and payment interfaces for walk in or drive-thru premises.

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Reduce queues and lobby congestion by allowing convenient ordering, payment and retrieval of concert, theatre and exhibition tickets with self-service kiosks.

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Benefit customers and employees with ‘endless aisle’ self-service product lookup and ordering. Enable self-service ordering, payment and collection to link ecommerce with bricks and mortar stores.

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Streamline the operation of financial and customer service departments by enabling secure self-service log-in for bill or fine payments, updates to licensing information as well as check-in and badge printing for government sites, conferences and events.

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Increase patient satisfaction and improve their experience with you by allowing self-service check in and appointment planning, access to medical information and healthcare advice.

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Offer customers convenience and reduce employee burden by offering self-service check in for service and test drive appointments with key drop off and dispensing, payment and the latest vehicle information.

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