Offer exceptional customer service with transactional self-service solutions for the automotive sector, such as self-service service or test drive booking and key drop off facilities.

Offer your customers a smooth and hassle-free experience and reduce employee burden by offering self-service check in for service, rental and test drive appointments. Allow easy key drop off and dispensing, self-service payment options and the latest vehicle recall information.


Allow customers to drop their car off without waiting for a staff member
Keys can be picked up and payment made via self-service kiosks
Rental documents and agreements can be dropped off and keys picked up
Frees up garage staff from routine admin tasks
Reduces operational and staffing costs
Self-service test drive enabled
Seamless software integration



As our flagship interactive digital signage solution, the Presenza provides a seamless combination of form and function, providing an unattended self-service presence for multiple use cases in a variety of industries. Available in 17, 19, 22, 32, 42 and 55-inch display sizes with a dual-sided option, the Presenza is one of our most popular units.

Presenza Wall Mount

The Wall Mount Presenza offers all the benefits of our flagship interactive digital signage solution without taking up your valuable floor space. Designed to provide an unattended self-service solution for a variety of use cases, the Wall Mount Presenza is available in 32, 42, 55, 70-inch display sizes (with bespoke size options available upon request).

Presenza Outdoors

A robust and weatherproof interactive digital signage kiosk, the Presenza Outdoor is ideal for providing an unattended self-service solution in a wide range of outdoor locations. The Presenza Outdoor is available in 22, 32, 46, 55, 75 and 80-inch display sizes and boasts dual-sided capability.


Perfect for directory and wayfinding tasks, the Navigator indoor kiosk offers sophisticated design and component versatility. Engage your audiences, deliver information and encourage user interaction on its angled screen. The Navigator is available in 22, 32, 42 and 55-inch display sizes.


The RTS is one of our most customisable units, designed for ultimate component versatility and perfect for multiple industries and use cases. The RTS self-service kiosk is available in a standard or wheelchair-friendly height and with a 17, 19, 22 or 32-inch display in landscape or portrait orientation.


The iSeries is a freestanding, user-friendly and flexible kiosk with a wide range of potential use cases. The larger unit size means that you can incorporate more additional technology if required, such as printers and scanners. The iSeries comes in 19, 17 or 22-inch display sizes with an additional overhead display available.

Iseries DS

The iSeries DS is packed with user-friendly features and offers great flexibility in screen sizing to create a truly powerful digital signage solution. This freestanding unit is available in 32, 42, 55 and 70-inch display sizes with landscape or portrait orientation and dual-sided screen options to serve several audiences at the same time.


The Classic kiosk is a timeless interactive kiosk with clean lines and a simple but attractive finish. The fully patented design is geared towards ease of use for customers, simple operation and straightforward accessibility for maintenance. The Classic kiosk is available with a 17, 19, 22 or 26-inch display on an angled screen.

mBox Lockers Lite

mBox Lockers Plus


MzeroCreate Graphic (1)


MzeroCreate is Meridian’s proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides a suite of developer tools designed to facilitate rapid development of custom self-service applications to run on MzeroPlatform.

  • Development Modules (SDK)
  • The Complete Solution (MzeroPlatfrom, MzeroManage, MzeroCreate)
  • Components include scanners, cameras
  • Payment devices
  • Dispensing devices
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